Common Diseases Students Suffer From

College or university is where students face new people, learn new information, and even face new challenges they’d never faced before. And one of such challenges is diseases. There are a lot of factors that facilitate the dissemination of infections. College campuses and dormitories are crowded places, so there’s nothing strange in the fact that respiratory diseases spread rapidly. Moreover, students are very susceptible to various diseases because the majority of them are always under stress that weakens their organism.
If you’re preparing to enter college, you must remember the cardinal rule — your health is the most valuable thing you have, so no one discipline and no one grade is worth wasting your last resources on it. When you feel that a particular assignment is beyond your abilities, trust it to an expert writer and get it done in a moment. If you look for a reliable service, pay your attention to Essay Pro. Positive EssayPro reviews make us trust this company.
Here is the list of common diseases you should be aware of. Please note that not all of them are infectious.


Entering college or university most always means moving to another city and sometimes even country. A lot of people suffer from allergies, and if you hadn’t faced this disease before, watch out yourself in the first year of studying and consult a physician if you see that something is wrong. Timely treatment can relieve you of nasty symptoms of this condition.


Poorly heated rooms, cold climate, or draft are the most common reasons people catch cold. Some people have a cold so often that they don’t take it seriously at all and prefer not to treat it. Don’t follow their lead. You’d better stay in your dorm room a day or two than you’ll deal with the consequences of your carelessness. Nothing terrible will happen with your studying during your absence. If you’re too worried about your academic performance, open edubirdie, and explore how to get help.


This disease is also known as glandular fever. Children can have this disease and even don’t notice any symptoms. If you’ve already suffered it, you’re immune to it. Sore throat, fever, fatigue, and enlargement of lymph nodes are the most common mono symptoms. This disease can unsettle you for a long time, so visit a physician if one of the conditions mentioned above doesn’t leave you. It’s better to stay in the hospital, order urgent homework from DoMyEssay, and return to studying with renewed vigor. Familiarize yourself with a DoMyEssay review to make sure that you trust your success to professionals.


Problems in relationships with people, financial difficulties, homesickness, and academic load are the main factors that can cause depression. If you open the Internet and decide to find that statistics with the number of students suffering from depression, you’ll be shocked. People and students don’t pay enough attention to their mental health, but it’s not right. Your fears shouldn’t stop you from doing something you want. You may find friends, visit your family sometimes, and depression will avoid you. Expertwriting will become your helper in case of academic difficulties.